Investigations and Trainings

At BHPK, we understand the serious and important responsibility of employers and schools in promoting respectful working and learning environments, free from harassment and violence, so all employees and students can thrive. We provide our clients with the most up-to-date developments on this constantly changing area of the law. We are committed to assisting your community draft understandable policies and to helping you implement interactive and comprehensive training programs that provide clear direction on what is appropriate behavioral conduct. We are also aware of the complicated and sensitive work required to effectively investigate harassment and discrimination in the workplace or on campus. We take great pride in ensuring that our clients’ reporting processes are supportive, and that disputes are neutrally adjudicated, essential components to promoting respectful workplaces and campuses.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting policies, delivering trainings, and conducting internal investigations in both the employment and school contexts. Specifically, our backgrounds in school law, employment law and criminal law, uniquely position our attorneys to advise clients about the intersection of issues that often arise in these areas.

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has certified our attorneys to train employers in preventing workplace discrimination and harassment. We are available to help you draft codes of conduct, policies and procedures, or to revise existing ones. In addition, our lawyers can help craft and deliver comprehensive, detailed, and interactive training programs. We are also available to conduct investigations in both the Title VII and Title IX contexts. We take great care to be empathetic and understanding of all involved parties, including those who are reporting a violation and those whose behavior has potentially violated a policy. We work efficiently to provide employers with clear findings so that they may take appropriate responsive action. A well-executed investigation allows employers and Title IX recipients to reduce their legal liability while promoting a safe and respectful workplace. We are committed to helping you achieve a fair process that respects all involved parties and achieves consistent and fair outcomes.

We are excited to work with you, to learn about your community’s unique dynamics and challenges, and to cater a training program to directly address your investigative, consulting, and training needs.